Where I stand on the most pressing issues.


Your constitutional freedoms and individual liberties are at stake every day in our government. We need less government in our lives. We need lower taxes and lower government spending. I promise that I will fight every day to keep Alabama red. You and your family deserve a lifelong conservative champion representing you at the State House.


Working Alabamians and small businesses are the heartbeat of a prosperous economy in Alabama. I would support policies that create an environment for the economic growth of Alabama’s businesses and bring new jobs to our state and county.
Allowing businesses to create jobs and operate in a free market economy will be a priority for me as your State Representative. My years of service as a construction loan officer and a business development officer showed me how important it is to support our businesses and create a climate for new companies to choose to call Alabama home.


The integrity of our elections is non-negotiable for me. Our elections must be fair, secure, and trusted. Every legal vote cast in Alabama must be counted. You can count on me to vote to keep our strong voter ID law in Alabama and ensure the laws we have in place remain to protect our elections’ integrity.


I will fight for parents to have the right to make decisions for their children. The education of our children must be a priority in our state. For too long, Alabama has ranked at the bottom regarding education. I will vote to support legislation to allow school choice in Alabama and to keep the tenets of Critical Race Theory out of our classrooms. I see partnerships with the business community for training our future workforce and additional technical and vocation training in high schools. Our children deserve better from Alabama.


Our government must STOP putting unnecessary mandates on you! We deserve less government in our lives, not more. We do not need government overreach stifling our businesses and our pocketbooks. I will be a NO vote for new taxes. I support increasing checks and balances within the branches of our state government to ensure there is no more government overreach.


The government must not take your guns. The liberals have been trying to control who should have access to firearms for years, and it must stop. I will not vote for any measures that limit law-abiding citizens from having access to the weapons they choose to protect themselves and the ones they love. I am a strong supporter of our Law Enforcement community, and I will fight for your right to live out the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution here in Alabama.


The family has been under attack for far too long, and it must stop. I believe in traditional family values. Families rather than the government should take responsibility for the care of their members. Strong families help create strong communities, and I support strong families.


I believe Alabama should be a leader in the fight for the life of the unborn. I am 100% pro-life. Murdering the unborn is not a woman’s healthcare issue. All human life begins at conception, and I will vote to protect our babies in the womb from destruction.


I believe the district belongs to the people. I will serve a maximum of two terms and I will work to pass term limit legislation in our state.